CAD Conversion Services

  • Conversion from paper to AutoCAD by manual drafting.
  • Conversion from any format to AutoCAD.
  • Conversion from Raster to Vector.
  • Conversion to the scale Drawing by Redrafting.
  • Conversion as per Company’s Drafting Standards.
  • Conversion of Drawings from 2D to 3D.
  • Plotting and Scanning Services.

Benefits of CAD Conversion

  • Drawing can be edited / modified easily.
  • Easy transfer of data across world.
  • Transfer of data is much cheaper.
  • Searching of drawings is faster and simpler.
  • Drawings can be duplicated easily .
  • Drawings can be converted to any image formats for further use etc.
  • Drawings converted can be used for 3D & walk-thru for better presentation.
  • Digital drawings need very less storage area.
  • And many more....
CAD BenefitsCAD Benefits

Automation of Drawings

Drawing Automation
  • Parametric drawings.
  • Automatic Bill of Material Generation.
  • Automatic Detail and Assembly Drawing using AutoLisp.
  • Integrate Design data with Drawing
  • Development of Drafting Automation Software as per Company Standards.